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At The Confident Dog I view positive training as a partnership between you and your dog. This partnership will strengthen your relationship with your dog because it is based on trust, cooperation and respect. 

At The Confident Dog I teach you ways to communicate with your dog.  How to read his body language and ways that you are talking to your dog without using words.  For practical reasons training sessions last about an hour, but when you work with your dog at home you should keep it short and do it often!  Each activity should last about the length of TV commercial - 30 seconds to two minutes max!  Mix it up!  Give your dog a variety of activities to do so they don't get bored.  Do you remember having to memorize the multiplication tables or spelling words?  Did you like having to write the same word over and over and over?  Your dog doesn't like having to repeat the exact same activity in the exact same spot over and over and over either!  So get ready... let's mix it up and have some fun!

Let me help you determine your training goals.  Are you wanting a dog who walks loosely on his leash, has fun tricks to wow your friends or are you interested in things like getting your canine good citizen certificate (CGC) or becoming a pet therapy dog team?  These are all wonderful goals and something that I can help you with at The Confident Dog.

Services offered include:

  • ways to help your calm dog down when agitated
  • alleviate behavior issues without fear or force
  • ways to comfort and support your dog through illness, recovery and aging
  • ways to improve your animal's performance and well-being
  • how to enhance the human/animal connection




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